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These face to face courses must be paid for in advance in order to gain access to any supporting online material and attend the face to face training. 

Once paid for, delegates will be assigned an enrolment key to access the course.

If you haven't yet received your enrolment password, please contact the BDA on 0121 200 8046 or email Catherine McGibbon

This course is designed for both band 6 and 7 dietitians who have previously taken part in the Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Dietetic Management and Symptom Control course, or those with some experience in IBS who are looking to further their skills and dietetic practice and who wish to understand the main principles of the low FODMAP diet.

Learning Outcomes:.

  • Explain the background to low FODMAP diet
  •  Describe the mechanisms of action of FODMAPs
  •  Explain the principles of the low FODMAP diet
  •  Apply the restriction phase of low FODMAP diet in dietetic practice
  •  Apply the challenge phase of low FODMAP diet in dietetic practice
  •  Apply the challenge phase and personalisation phase of the low FODMAP diet.

Welcome to the BDA's  Cow's Milk Allergy in Infants and Children course running on 11th June 2019 in Birmingham.

To increase the dietetic support worker’s knowledge about the role of nutrition and current dietary intakes in comparison to recommendations in children and the effect of diet in common paediatric conditions, as well as the principles of nutrition screening, assessment and treatment in children.