Practice-Based Learning in a Research Environment

There are two options within this category; A Practice Education Toolkit and the Dietetic Pre-Registration Learners module.

Who is this aimed at?

The Practice Education Toolkit is aimed at supporting Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and practice-based educators considering and developing practice-based learning in research environments for their learners, while the Dietetic Pre-Registration Learners module is directed at learners who are completing practice-based learning in a research environment.

For the Dietetic Pre-Registration Learners module, you will be asked to complete relevant activities and record these in an online record of your work. This helps to provide evidence for your practice-based learning hours.


We would like to thank the following people for developing the content for these modules:

Dr Laura Stewart

Working Group Members:

Amanda Avery (Nottingham University)

Sophie Bell (Nutricia)

Joanne Black (Hull University)

Ruth Boocock RD (Teesside University)

Rebecca Capener (Nutricia)

Sarah Foster (Health Education England)

Jacklyn Jones (Queen Margarets University)

Amelia Lake (Teesside University)

Jane McClinchy (Hertfordshire University)

Emma Parsons (Winchester University)

Liz Wells (Hull University)